DIY Face Masks – Update!

22 03 2020

Kass Tailored has partnered with Providence Hospitals. Jeff Kaas has converted his factory 20 minutes north of Seattle to produce face shields and masks. They just completed the conversion evidently in the last 72 hours. And they are sharing how to’s and have assumed the job of educating other workrooms who want to do the same. Their mask central is:

Thank you Aimée Jacobsen of Inclinerx for letting us know!

We should have known that Vincent Sagisi is on top of this effort. You can see his comment under Comments of the original blog post a few minutes ago or here tis again:

Vincent Sagisi:

heya! Vincent here, hope you’re well. I’ve been working with community groups sewing these to get people on the same page. The factory that is hosting our apprenticeship program is also the one making the Providence masks. for the pattern and instructions. They are using an ASTM certified composite/non-woven textile. Home sewists are being advised to use natural cotton, preferably tight weaves or tshirts, based on articles below. There’s speculation that synthetics not designed specifically for filtration can hold contaminants longer. If people in Seattle want to contribute to the effort, this is the one to join: They are engaging in sanitization efforts and making masks for specific orgs/facilities asking for them. We’re trying not to add to the landfill or increase risk by making masks that don’t protect or don’t have a home. Thanks!



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