Just found this and had to share…

22 05 2009

I just found the web site for Green Air (www.greenairradio.com) which bills itself as  “a nationally syndicated news radio feature and multi-platform interactive hub for Green and environmentally significant news, stories and entertainment. It is comprised of a broad network of media professionals including producers, journalists, broadcasters, writers, photographers and filmmakers worldwide. Green Air creates, publishes, and distributes traditional and new media content with a contemporary and humanistic voice.”

While scrolling through the GreenAir search, I found the segment titled Toxic Textiles ( http://greenairradio.com/?p=1612 ) Please take the time to watch it!    It was an eye opener even for me, who prides herself on knowing the facts about textile manufacturing, but when I actually see those farmers spraying the pesticides – how it’s done in a developing country – and when I see the dyehouse workers wringing dyed fabrics by hand, it’s a different ballgame.  Not to mention the two women profiled who have health problems brought on by exposure to these fabrics.